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Literary Response to So B. It


For a grade, we had to make something close to a book report on a book we read and discussed with a couple of other people. Then after sharing each others ideas, we wrote our own literary response.

Has there ever been a time when you just had to take a risk for something urging you inside to do it? In the novel So B. It by Sarah Weeks, Heidi , the main character, experiences that feeling throughout, from encounters with Bernie, a very close neighbor, to Mama, which is mentally disabled. This story takes place from Reno, Nevada to the other side of the country: Liberty, New York and Heidi has to experience that movement because she wants to find out what “soof” means – a word her mother used, but couldn’t explain what it meant and it’s killing Heidi to find out what it means. One normal day, Heidi finds a roll a film containing pictures of Hilltop Home, which one shows a picture of Mama with another woman and they seem to be at a Christmas party. Now it is clear, Heidi has decided to go to Hilltop Home in Liberty, New York to find out what “soof” means so she buys her bus ticket. At Liberty, New York Heidi guesses the number of jelly beans in a jar and wins a free taxi ride to Hilltop Home, but while at Hilltop Home Heidi is called “soof” by Elliot, a mentally disabled man who turns out to be her father.Then Heidi encounters Thurman Hill (her grandfather), who doesn’t seem very found of her, but Ruby, a woman working at Hilltop Home, and her husband, Roy, allow Heidi to stay at their home. Thurman then asks Heidi for a moment alone with her to tell her the truth and “soof” is Sophia, Heidi’s mother’s name. It was Elliot’s name for Mama because he couldn’t say Sophia and Sophia called herself So Be It. The author expressed to me that in life there are those risks that you have to take because of something urging you inside.

To get to what is urging you inside to do it, you have to take some risks. Heidi took the big risk of traveling across the country to find out what “soof” means and tame her curiosity. This is a very dangerous trip that Heidi was going to take. Imagine of all the things that could have happened to Heidi. She could have gotten lost, kidnapped, or robbed. Although, Heidi felt that she had to find out what “soof” meant so she took that huge risk and everything turned out fine. Heidi also had to take the risk of telling a woman on the bus, Georgia Sweet, of what was relevant to the topic they were talking about family. If Heidi hadn’t taken that risk maybe they would have just forgotten about each other after Georgia had offered that Doublemint gum after she had thrown up, but Heidi immediately took the risk of opening up her feelings and they  became great friends. This also happened with Roy and Ruby. Heidi opened up to them about her dilemma of finding what “soof” meant. Heidi had to take the risk of going into some strangers home to get food and shelter. It really wasn’t for selfish reasons, but since Bernie had approve inside Heidi knew that it was okay. Roy also had to take the risk of taking a 12-year-old girl into his home, whom he had just met, because urging him inside he had to hold up his side of the bet he had with Bernie, (Heidi would guess the right answer on “Heads or Tails” ten times straight). When Bernie finally was able to talk to Heidi on the phone, she told Heidi that her and her mother needed her at home in Reno. Heidi wouldn’t listen because inside , she was just thinking about what “soof” meant. It was Mama’s head-aches; they were getting worse and Heidi took that risk of not going home. Mama died before she could even see Heidi again.So as you can see, the plot can contribute to what the author has told us: life has some risks, but you have to take them because inside that’s what is right.

Life has those risks, but inside you know you have to take them. Heidi’s character is very out-going. That is the complete opposite of Bernie. Bernie cannot go outside because of her agoraphobia, but Heidi is urging her to go outside. As Heidi was growing more and more anxious of not getting an answer to what ”soof” means, she got Bernie to go outside. It was a huge risk for Bernie. Although, the risk didn’t turn out so great; Bernie fainted. But on the bright side, Heidi knows now how Bernie reacts to going outside. Roy is also very out-going. He put himself between the problem with Thurman Hill and Heidi. Mr. Hill thought Heidi wanted money, but all she wanted was to find out what “soof” meant. Roy took that risk because inside something was probably telling him to do it. But, Roy also has a trustworthy quality. Thurman Hill took a risk by bringing a lawyer into Heidi’s situation with finding out what “soof” meant. He knew he was taking a risk even though he was wrong, but it is what’s on the inside that counts. As Thurman Hill was telling Heidi the story of her family, he said that he had to left her mother and grandmother out of his life because, otherwise, Hilltop Home’s reputation would be ruined. Mr. Hill supported them by sending money from Liberty to Reno. He had to take that huge risk of leaving part of his family out of his life. Just goes goes to show Thurman Hill will do anything. If something is urging you inside to do an action, take that risk.

There are those risks that you have to take because something inside is urging you to take it. In the apartment building that Heidi, Mama, and Bernie live in, their two apartments are connected. That allows Bernie to go within their apartments while still staying inside. That allows it not to a risk for Bernie to go out of her home. Although, when Bernie went outside for the first time since her agoraphobia began, she fainted and that apartment building was no longer any help to her. Still in Reno, when Heidi would go to the slot machines, it was so common that nobody would notice that she was under-aged to play the slots. Because of the rules, in order to play the slot machines you had to be at a certain age limit, Heidi was making a risk by going in there. Her family needed the money, so she took the risk because inside she knew she needed it. Obviously, the fact that a pre-teen girl would travel across the country by herself, is a little scary and a very dangerous risk, but what made it an even bigger risk was that it was all the way across the country. Nothing could get in Heidi’s way; she needed to know what “soof” meant. Once at Liberty, the fact that it began to rain, only made things worse. The terrible weather made the risk that Heidi took even more grueling. Just goes to show that sometimes you have to take those risks.

The author very much expressed to me that sometimes life has those moments when you just have to take a risk. Heidi really experienced that feeling. From Reno, Nevada to Liberty, New York and wanting to find what “soof” means. She saw those pictures containing evidence of her mother’s presence at Hilltop Home. Heidi rode in a bus across the country, getting lucky along the way by guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar, and meeting new people. Eventually, she found out what “soof” meant: Sophia, a beautiful name for her mother. So Be It was Mama’s way of saying Sophia. Now, have you remembered a time when you just had to take a risk for something urging you inside.

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