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An Evaluation of the Challenges

  • Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

I visited the actual challenge on the blog each week.

  • Which challenges were the most useful?

The challenges that were the most useful were challenges #3- Going global and #9-Checking my blog.

  • Which challenges were the most interesting?

I think that the challenge that was the most interesting is #7-Moving time.

  • What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

Some other topics that I would like to included in some other challenges would maybe have something do to with Memorial Day. Maybe we  could write a post on what we do on Memorial Day or do some research on it and write a post on what we learned about it.

  • Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post

I think that we should have more tutorial challenges, like making a link in your post because that took me awhile to figure out until one of my friends helped me.

  • Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

Well, I had never noticed them, but now that I checked them out I think that they are very useful because we can see other blogs and learn how to do the activities.

  • Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

The challenges where you had to put all those cartoons and ect. were very fun and interesting, although putting them on the blog wasn’t all that easy. I had to try a bunch of different ways of putting them on until one way allowed me to do it.

  • Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

Well, there were some chances to make links on other blogs back to mine, but in my classroom when a ton of people are using computers on the same server, it’s a little slow. So doing the challenges and the activities took a while.

  • Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes? Did you make global connections?

I was an individual student blogger.

  • Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular

Umm… I don’t think I need to mention anything else about the challenges. They were really fun and I learned a lot about computers and the Internet. I hope there will be more challenges!
Check out the Student Blogging Challenge #10

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